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Featuring a new design, perfectly sculpted to follow the lines of the bike and offer a racing look, the Slip-On Line's innovative conical muffler is black and has a laser-engraved logo for increased visual effect. Produced using race-proven materials, the end cap and the outer sleeve are lightweight titanium, and high-grade stainless steel is utilized for the link pipe, giving the exhaust a weight savings of over 36% compared to the standard stock version. A clear enhancement in performance is achieved through the exhaust, with perfect throttle response across the rev range and power gains of 5.8% at 8,500 rpm, with torque increased by 4.3% at 5,350 rpm when tested on the Akrapovic dyno against a Honda MSX 125 with a standard stock exhaust. All of this is allied with the distinctive deep Akrapovič sound. It features easy plug-and-play installation, and no remapping is required. This exhaust is meant for racetrack and closed course use only.

2022 Honda Grom Akrapovic Exhaust

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