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How we started


MotoBros was established in 2012, after the owner saw a need for safe, trusted motorcycle professionals in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. What started out as late-night tire changes and part-outs from a residential garage, grew into a fully functioning service shop in Lewisville, TX. Customer satisfaction and safety is always the #1 priority at MotoBros, and you can ride easy knowing you are always getting the best quality parts and prices.



Take your time to teach someone something. I really hope that something has to do with motorcycles. I love these damn things!

Passion and pride is what drives us to bring you a superior shop that always delivers!


“Craig is a character!  Do not show up without a helmet because he will let you have it.  LOL What a great place!”


“Never had the customer service that MotoBros provides in my life.  Text updates and tiktok videos of the job.  CRAZY AWESOME!”


“I signed up as a member right away because I think this is going to get crazy up in here!  Lol  Very happy I was referred by a friend!”

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